Italia in rete

“ItaliainRete” is an open network for Italian companies. The aim of the network is to win competitions, research calls and access to regional, national and European public funding . It then acts as a strategic competition office and public invitations by providing the opportunities that meet the interests of each member of the network, assembling the rope and assisting in the preparation of administrative and technical documentation, with the collaboration of all the entrepreneurs.

The network, (under constitution),
will take care of the following themes:


Earth observation

Cyber security

Smart Agriculture

Internet of Thing


Electronic Systems

Arteficial Intelligence

Big Data


The themes of interest will expand as members of the association will increase.

What are Enterprise business networks

Enterprise Networks represent a legal / economic instrument for companies collaboration between which through the signing of a contract with which more entrepreneurs undertake to cooperate in order to increase both their individual and collective capacity and their market Competitiveness.

The aim of the network is to identify, individually and collectively, the innovation capacity and market competitiveness of the participating companies as a reason for the Aggregation in the forms and modes defined by the companies themselves within the contract.

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Network benefits

Become a subject of a size that can better deal with new market

Facilitate chain integration, both vertically and horizontally, from all network partners

Aggregate together companies located in distant territories and different sectors, enhancing their interactions, generating savings in scale and improving the quality of the goods / services realized

Different categories of companies can be networked

To foster and enhance companies Network visibility

Improve the relationship with the financial system

Provide customers with a more complete offer (Integrated Network Offer)

Count on greater production capacity, greater investment capability and greater innovative capacity

Optimize the management of strategic organizational aspects

Access tax benefits

Normativa di riferimento

Le reti di imprese sono disciplinate nel nostro ordinamento, in particolare, dalla Legge n. 33 del 9 aprile 2009 “Conversione in legge, con modificazioni, del decreto-legge 10 febbraio 2009, n. 5, recante misure urgenti a sostegno dei settori industriali in crisi”, come modificata dal D.L. n. 78 del 31 maggio 2010, convertito in Legge n. 122 del 30 luglio 2010.