Lazio Connect

the aerospace platform supporting the collaborative enterprising

In june 2004, the Lazio region, the ministry of economy and finance and ministery of the educations signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of the Lazio aerospace technical district (dta). the lazio region has entrusted Lazio innova with the coordinating work task.
As part of the DTA promotion activities, on july 22, 2009, the Lazio connect association was established, a collaborative technical-legal platform supporting the Lazio innovation system, between businesses, industrial consortiums, technological parks and universities AND RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN AEROSPACE.


Promote collaboration and / or aggregation processes between large enterprises, SME and research world


Support the research system in the Lazio industrial area


Generate additional business and project by reducing factors that prevent collaboration between companies


All aerospace companies and research centers can participate to Lazio Connect.
To submit the application you will need to download the registration form to the association and send.

Lazio Connect


The Operating Committee convenes once a month to evaluate the performance of Associations services, promote new services, carry out formal actions (eg accepting new applications).
Is composed by:

  • 2 Large Enterprises
  • 2 Medium Company
  • 1 Small company
  • 1 Micro Enterprise
  • 1 University
  • 1 Research Body


Members must:

  • belong to the aerospace or induction industry
  • have an operational office in the Lazio regions


Members carry joint actions of common interest by name and on behalf of LAZIO CONNECT (such actions must be agreed upon with the CO). Generally, these actions are proposed by the members themselves who are candidates to carry them forward.


The platform to which each member has access allows to:

  • share ideas
  • work on collaborative projects
  • receive the services made available by the Association


Constitution, ByLaws and Procedures are the three documents that describe the ways of collaboration within the Association. An annual fee need to be charged to the associations.