• 13 July 2018, 8:25 am

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  • The goal of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) is to provide access to climate indicators, indexes and models to develop scenarios-based adaptation and mitigation measures. The Climate Data Store (CDS), launched on 14 June, simplifies the process of sharing authoritative climate data. At the heart of C3S, the newly released CDS will provide users with a single and centralised point-of-access to climate data from around the world.    
  • EU-funded marine scientists are fighting fish parasites in farmed fish by developing new strategies and technologies to prevent their spread and ensure high-quality seafood for consumers.
  • On Wednesday, 4 July, a forest fire broke out in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Saxony-Anhalt contains part of a forest belt with historically dry climate, putting it at risk of forest fires.  
  • An EU-funded network tracks the origins of human values by investigating the history of human freedom and dignity in Western civilisation. The project has traced it back to a tussle between ancient philosophers, yet its ramifications are still felt today in the battle for democracy and human rights.
  • Adequate preparation for disasters requires knowledge and the right tools to respond. An EU-funded project is developing urban transport guidelines and decision-support systems aimed at boosting resilience management in the event of crises.
  •   ICE Johannesburg organizza un'iniziativa di promozione del vino italiano in Sudafrica dal 30 novembre al 2 dicembre 2018 (venerdì-domenica), in collaborazione con il Consolato d'Italia e la Camera di Commercio italo-sudafricana. In breve, il programma comprende: mostra - Wines of Italy - in una delle aree commerciali più esclusive di Johannesburg; incontri B2B con gli importatori/distributori di vini italiani; una o più serate di degustazione presso ristoranti locali. Si tratta di un'iniziativa inedita in Sudafrica, dove non si ricordano eventi di promozione del vino italiano di questa portata. In allegato la descrizione dettagliata dell'iniziativa e il modulo per aderire entro il 14 settembre 2018.
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